Moving is one of the major stresses in life. We all hate and dread the moving process. Packing, changing addresses, hiring stages and realtors, organizing movers, lawyers, babysitters and mortgage brokers. There's so much to do that we often just out our house on the market and pray that it will sell quickly.

So how can we make such a stressful process easier? Plan and prepare ahead of time. It is human nature to procrastinate, but there are some simple things you can do to get started. Planning and organization are the keys to a successful move.

Look at moving as a project and develop a project plan. Start by developing a master plan, which includes a list of major activities, a budget, timelines, consultations and responsibilities. Then identify all major activities and break them down into sub-tasks. Sketch out the entire plan first and rearrange activities where they fit best. Before you even begin to tackle any activities, make sure that your timelines are reasonable and your costs are based on quotes. You don't want to end up over budget or with unreasonable timelines. When you hire painters to paint your house before you list it, you want to make sure that their quote and timelines fit into your overall plan. That is why planning is critical and crucial!

We all would like to believe that moving doesn't cost much, but just like weddings and funerals', moving is a major expense. An average local move will cost you thousands of dollars and this does not include the cost to prepare your house for sale. The good news is that the cost to prepare your house for sale is less than that dreaded first price reduction! It is always a wiser decision to invest in preparing your house for sale than to have it sit on the market day after day and lose money when it comes time for that price reduction.

By preparing to move and planning ahead, moving doesn't have to be such a stressful process. Just before you interview the real estate agents, make sure you attend a seminar on "How to Prepare Your House For Sale" and talk with an Accredited Staging Professional. They will guide you on what is required to enhance your home to make it sell faster and for top dollar.