Survey Certificate / Real Property Report

A survey certificate is a legal document with a diagram showing exactly where the home and any other permanent buildings are located on the property and also the location of the utility easements, power lines, gas lines, water lines and cable TV, as well as any other easements that may have been granted to the city of municipality.

If you buy the property that may have buildings encroaching on easements or city property, you may have trouble selling your home in the future. For that reason, before the financial institution is willing to provide a mortgage on the property, they want to be sure that all buildings and other structures are where they should be.

The cost of a survey certificate (to have the survey done) is $250.00 to $350.00 CDN at the seller's expense. If the home has been sold during the last 5 years and had a mortgage on it during that time, there will likely be a certificate inexistence, either in the possession of the previous homeowner, or on file with the last mortgage company. Your sales representative will help you in locating one if it is known to exist.

Zoning Compliance Letter

This is a letter or a certificate issued by the municipal planning department verifying that the property and all the buildings are located where they are supposed to according to the survey report and that they comply with the current zoning bylaws.

In order for the city to issue this certificate, there has to be a valid survey report available.