How to Make the Most of Your Home Inspection

You can make your next home inspection really count by following a few simple guidelines like those listed below.

  • Ask questions, even before the inspection

    Make sure the inspection company you select requires their inspectors to be formally trained, have on-going education, and carry Errors and Omissions insurance. This insuance protects the inspector and the buyer should a defect be found after closing that could have been detected as part of a standard home inspection.
  • Go on the inspection

    You should always try to accompany your inspector during the inspection. It's great way to learn about major home systems, and can make your inspection report more meaningful and valuable -- especially if you've never owned a home before.
  • First things first

    A well-performed and documented home inspection can help you priortize the repairs your new home may need in the coming months and years. You'll know what you should address immediately, and what can wait. Plus, you'll be able to better budget for these repairs.